Dear visitor,
this site is meant to give you some information about my person, my interests and (hopefully) my current activities (that is if I manage to keep the site up-to-date). Like most sites on the web, this site might change from time to time, as all people undergo changes more or less frequently. However, I refrain from placing "This Site is Under Construction" images, although I must admit there are some very nice construction related pictures available.

The UK section contains some information about my current whereabouts and the places nearby. Might be interesting for some friends who want to visit me or others who want to know about the area I'm currently living in.

The photo section shows something about a hobby I have, and various pictures I think may be interesting for others - as soon as it is finished.

Railway - Is it profession or hobby? The longer I am involved in railways on the professional side the more my general interest for railways grows. However I am not a trainspotter or similar.

Profile - Maybe some potential employer coincidently looks onto these pages?

The documents section contains some papers I wrote for University. Maybe they are of interest for you.

Finally, I have some links as well, some are related to railways, some linked to my present and some to my past.

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